Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I wanna feel beautiful again
I wanna feel the strength beneath my feet again
The power in my own two hands
I wanna feel the passion again
flows in my body like the blood
I wanna bring out the light again,
the light that shines thru my eyes and mind
I wanna fill again, this hole of pain without regrets, with hopes and prayers
I wanna forgive and forget
I will not blame anything or anyone
All these imperfections, disappointments
Life has beautifully written with paints , inks, scratches and flowers
I want to keep writting mine
I wanna laugh again freely with or without these braces on

I want to believe again , in myself, in tomorrow, and hopes

I want to find again, one that is lost
I want to build again, one that is broken
I will build it again, higher, and higher, over and over again
I will not keep the burden weighs me down
These fears are illusion
Forgiveness is a dew

I want to live again

and I will breathe again

and dear self, you will read this over and over again, don't you worry about that, as you read it you'll be healed over and over again..

To the power above all, forgive me , forgive everybody, forgive us,
To the power above all, you are the magic, the love, and the life


Terimakasih sudah membaca kumpulan katakata ini, siapa tau bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkannya sekarang, semoga sedikit bisa mengobati , menginspirasi dan menyemangati,
salam sayang dan hangat,


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