Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Spent the End of August 2017 in Singapore. Not for a fancy trip or to buy fancy things with the price slightly less than in my country, Not to attend fashion shows and get picked up by Mercedez Benz, stayed at the 5 stars Hotel, Change outfits 3 till 4 times a day, Touring around marina bay by a luxury Yacht with top 10 billboard music on replay, and served with bunch of cute tiny meals, been there - done that! . Let's experience another side and get more adventurous this time, I let you join the monster gang, we're going to eat and walk a lot, till our feet bleed ( that's actually really happening to me ) , but all good!

I was so glad to meet my Singaporean friend again, Izad, @thehalaleater . as you can tell from his instagram account he is the real Halal food hunter in Singapore. and now you got two, Izad and me hahah. My goal this time is to find and taste as much halal food as I can in Singapore, and share it to you. so on your next visit to singapore, you got new lists of Halal restaurants to try out! Sharing is caring :)

Before going on to the details, Izad and I found something undeniably unique while we were at  the China Town. Clearly the majority of the foods here are not halal. pay attention to every stall you might be lucky to find Indian foods, they're halal inshaaAllah. and also you don't want to miss tasting these unique ice cream. We needed something refeshing and we found this  pretty small Ice cream stall with less 10 flavour choices. I told izad that I am going to have vanilla, cause vanilla ice cream never fails. Izad asked me once more" you sure?". That question made me take a look at the flavour choices once again and.."wait, what ? they have salted egg yolk ice cream? and whoa.. also spicy crab ice cream?. We didn't know what to feel about this but of course Izad and I finally agreed to have 'em.

I got the salted egg yolk, and Izad's was the spicy crab. They looked like normal ice creams, but hey let's give it a shot. Nom! What I can describe about my Salted egg Yolk Ice cream, here are my personal thoughts : 
( every point is one lick)

  • hmm
  • wow it really is salted egg yolk
  • Salted egg chicken is normal, but hey Salted egg yolk ice cream? this is amazing!
  • wait.. it's salted egg yolk I'm licking it over and over again
  • now imagine this, you are basically licking a frozen salted egg yolk
  • The picture in my brain is getting weirder that I am doing a weird thing
  • Isn't ice cream supposed to be refreshing ? what is this?
  • This is Salted egg yolk.. cold salted egg yolk
  • umm no
  • I think I'm good
  • I'm done
  • yes I'm sure I'm done, this is not for me
  • Ok cool, who wants to try ? please give it a try and tell me
  • Thankyou for the experience :)
I was sure izad had the same exact phases of thoughts while tasting his spicy crab! I could see it from his face haha, but I will never know till I gave myself a try and you know what.. "Whoa! it's literally spicy crab! my God, it's spicy!" Izad seemed to have nothing more to explain haha. we're done , thankyou for the experience once again. 

We kept discussing about this, and we came to the conclusion that maybe we were just not used have salty flavoured ice cream , as I said, all I know is that ice cream supposed to be refreshing not only because of it's cold but also the lovely flavour it has. but who knows if some of them really love this kind of ice cream, who knows there are still a lot more unique flavours out there.  I still want to try them tho.

When we were about to leave to find dinner, we saw a western guy choosing flavour at the ice cream stall we tried, he asked for recommendation and the seller said" salted egg yolk". LOL, we laugh, goodluck sir!

to be continued...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I wanna feel beautiful again
I wanna feel the strength beneath my feet again
The power in my own two hands
I wanna feel the passion again
flows in my body like the blood
I wanna bring out the light again,
the light that shines thru my eyes and mind
I wanna fill again, this hole of pain without regrets, with hopes and prayers
I wanna forgive and forget
I will not blame anything or anyone
All these imperfections, disappointments
Life has beautifully written with paints , inks, scratches and flowers
I want to keep writting mine
I wanna laugh again freely with or without these braces on

I want to believe again , in myself, in tomorrow, and hopes

I want to find again, one that is lost
I want to build again, one that is broken
I will build it again, higher, and higher, over and over again
I will not keep the burden weighs me down
These fears are illusion
Forgiveness is a dew

I want to live again

and I will breathe again

and dear self, you will read this over and over again, don't you worry about that, as you read it you'll be healed over and over again..

To the power above all, forgive me , forgive everybody, forgive us,
To the power above all, you are the magic, the love, and the life


Terimakasih sudah membaca kumpulan katakata ini, siapa tau bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkannya sekarang, semoga sedikit bisa mengobati , menginspirasi dan menyemangati,
salam sayang dan hangat,