Wednesday, November 4, 2015


_MG_1973 _MG_1890 copy It's a beautiful sunny day in autumn which I dont find that often lately in Hannover. I start to open this page and have my courage to start writting again. I feel nervous and overwhelmed. It's been a long time, too many things to say, I don't know where to start. feels like I almost forgot how to tell things. when actually all I gotta do is just.. write it down. and I should've just known it.

What a coincidence! Adele's song -Hello suddenly played automatically on youtube just now. I was about to say that to you, Hello! . But wait.. eventhough this has been my most favourite song at the moment.. because damn yash those lyrics! no further explaination needed..  this is just not a good time to listen to it, I ain't gonna end up mellow and not finish my writting. I'm sorry. Just not now, Adele. You're still my favourite. But let me write and greets my friends with excitements!
Probably some justin Bieber would be fine... at least the beats.

It's nice to be back, I can't hide it. You guys are the spirit. I kept recieving emails, comments, from you , everywhere, asking me to blog again and to keep it updated. and also from the closest people around me who keep reminding and supporting me, you know who you are. If there is any better word than 'Thankyou', I would love to say it to you. So here I am.. Thankyou, Thankyou for the love, and inspirations!


_MG_2072 copy

There's a lot to share but this one, I can't keep it any longer. I spent my weekend in Karlsruhe - Germany last week and decided to make a short visit to Heidelberg for a day. It took 45 minutes by train. That was my very first time visiting Heidelberg, and honestly said.. I need to come back. Heidelberg was super gorgeous in Autumn. Too sad, I didn't have that much time to visit more spots in Heidelberg because I need to go back to Karlsruhe in the afternoon. but that was enough to have a lunch and take some shots at  and around the Old Bridge ( Alte Bruecke ). This place is beautiful.
I wish I had enough time at least to visit the landmark of Heidelberg. Yes, tha castle! ( Heidelberger Schloss ) It must be marvelous to see Heidelberg from above, I can imagine!