Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hi, Everyone! how was your day ? hope it's pretty amazing. Another post of a gorgeous day in the city. I was just enjoying the day outside the house. I decided not to bring anything heavy with me, just a mini hand bag ( I love mini hand bags! ) , no huge camera ( whoop! release ), dress up a lil bit but still keep it simple babe ( hashtag koolkid haha ), feelin' fabulous ( in the mood for skirt and monochrome! yash! ), and put my white sneakers on ( uh yeah laff, keep it comfortable ).

 I wanted to snap around, but since I didn't bring my fat camera, I tried to capture some moments in this gorgeous day with just my phone camera. because why not. At first I'd like to only keep 'em in my phone. just in case later I miss one bright sunny day like this. To be honest I don't really trust Phone camera for blogging stuffs. Altho, I know the quality of phone camera nowadays is already super good however I don't feel satisfy. Well I don't know, probably I should give it a chance..

So here they are, some grids of that one gorgeous day I made. What do you think ? Is it blog - worth ? Well, after seeing the result I can say, it's not that bad after all. and by making it into grids ,  they looks more like telling a story and made it somekind of more interesting.. and It's a lot easier for me cause I just need to edit them on my phone's app. haha. but I have to say.... capturing it with that huge camera you got a lot better result and for me personally I'd feel  more satisfy, especially for the outfit shoots.. haha but for just a simple snapping around shoots like this, phone camera did it pretty good.

See you in the next post, xoxo

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


DSCF4506 copy
DSCF4509 copy

Hi, love! how are you doing? I hope everything's fine there. It's May already, can you believe it? it feels like the time goes faster and faster, year by year. some said it's a sign you're getting older. haha . ooh yasssh can't deny it tho, I aaam, and I can't stahp it :( . what so eva. Anyways love, I know this question may sounds weird and random but.. do you like to watch movie ? like seriously, I personally can say that I am not a fan of going to the cinema for the new movies, and always keep myself updated. I mean.. I like to watch movie (sometimes), and kinda moody. and honestly.. tell me the hottest movie right now, super hero? action movie? I might not show you the excitement you expect. Unless it's Cartoon/Animation, Musical, those get me excited. yea I know I'm boring... but wait! also.. horror movies, comedy and those movies who make you overthink. they are addictive! ( that's a lot tho haha, whatevs) .

How about romance ? drama ? well...I may be enjoy them but... should I be honest ? haha I am a very mellow person, so or too easy to cry... and sometimes it's just unbelievably easy to make me feel so touched.
I even cry watching Hell's Kitchen when someone dropped their dish and lost their time and they became to seem sad and disappoint, that's ridiculous!
and many times, that 'sad' feeling just didn't finish by the end of the movie. it stayed a lil longer with me. Which I don't like. Yea, I'm such a baby.

Bytheway loves, how about you ? I wanna hear some from you and.. what's your current fav movie ? or the latest movie you watch and you like the most! I'm in the mood for a movie marathon haha. I watched two old Thai horror movies in one night a couple of days ago. first, The Swimmers.. Quite Interesting! you should try to watch em, cause why not! . second, Pee Mak.. I know I am so late but this horror movie is hilarious! they also have some touching part ( I think ) .. so still... I cried at the end, sorry can't help it. so many feelings in one movie, recommended!