Saturday, October 20, 2012


NADASHOUTS scarves, Zara shirt, Zara flatshoes, Zara bag
Superbusy! wishing you a great weekend ahead, Tschüß :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


 One top! two ways! 
Bershka Jeans, Colorbox top, UNA wedges
Zara hand bag, Colorbox top, Mainland Heritage skirt

The skirt is from Mainland Heritage anywaayyy, Thankyou Mainland ! I'm so lovin skinny skirt, and yes thank you for the white color, I'm so into it lately :) this skirt is available at 'MUSE 101 jakarta' and 'Moshaict jakarta' so go grab 'em quickly ! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012


Noni Zakiah top , NADASHOUTS pants, H&M glasses
Noni Zakiah top, NADASHOUTS pants , H&M glasses.
New High Low top from Noni Zakiah ! Super nice! this top really matches with my NADASHOUTS pants which is coming soon on the webstore ! :) Love the light nude color and this top has one collar which is super unique ! :3 This top is available at 'Moshaict , Jakarta' , 'MUSE 101 FX MALL, Jakarta' and ' @ardelle_markett ' . Hope you have a nice saturday , everyone :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


NADASHOUTS scarf, New Look earring, FENDI sun glasses ZARA top

Salam! How are you and your days? :) hmm I will be super busy till the end of this year :'( Please pray for my best luck, I'll face something which is soo important for me, Bismillah...
Anyway I already Announced My new webstore link on my twitter and instagram! You can also easily click the gadget on the left side of this blog. I gotta tell ya once again that my fashion brand has new look, now it becomes NADASHOUTS ! as you all know that the name is same with my twitter acc :)
Bye! will catch ya as soon as pssbl ! :)