Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage Pieces

Hi buddies! how are you ? how's your Ramadhan so far ? :) Mine is good but always have to be better, isn't it ? in the mood of a vintage fashion, this top is from Mainland Heritage. love The beautiful details under the neck and the ruffels on the bottom of the top. cute! vintage yet glamour. looks good for a formal occasion too with a black skinny skirt , yap yap ?

Mainland Heritage dress, Pull and Bear scarf , H&M glasses , Mango bag
follow mainland heritage's twitter @mainlandher for more information about this top and the store, or direct to the designer @restuanggraini

have the better day, dolls :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby Cat

mainland heritage top, Zara pants, H&M scarf
new daily top from mainland heritage! I am fallin in love, 've been searching for a polkadot ( black and white) oversized top and suddenly got this fab top :D . lucky, hu ? wanna have 'em too ? :) follow @mainlandher and its designer's twitter @restuanggraini :) stay cool ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sweet Escape

Noni Zakiah batwing top, N A D A earrings, Promod turtle neck, Ria Miranda scarf
soft pink and black. looks cute yet mysterious, that's the look which this Noni Zakiah top gives. love it! great for daily outfits in summer. find this noni zakiah top at 'Moshaict, jakarta' 'MUSE 101, FX mall jakarta' :)

I feel so sad and counfuse nowadays, my Fashion brand should already launched these days, but have sooo many problemssss with that, if you wanna know. I'm sooo sorry for making you wait it too long, hope you don't mind and always keep waiting, .. and support me. I always try my best. anyway if you like my earrings that's one of my brand's collection love it ? :) coming soon :)

Love, your Nada :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keep Calm and ...

keep calm

Zara jeans, Colorbox skirt, Mango bag

Zara jeans, Mango bag, Colorbox skirt

KEEP CALM AND ENJOY YOUR RAMADHAN! happy fasting eveyoonneee :§

Friday, July 20, 2012


I was featured on 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


There was an event ( Sisterhood )by Dian Pelangi last weekend . was so many pretty hijab girls there, lovely fashion bloggers from malaysia like Shea Rasol from ' My Amethyst ', Jezmine Zaidan from ' Jezmine Blossom ' , and Ami Schaheera from ' Ami Schaheera ' . designers and bloggers from London and Newyork ' Dinatokio and Hanatajima ', an then.. designers from Indonesia too of course, and.. blablabla... und so weiter :p I wore Dinatokio, Noni Zakiah, and Dian Pelangi's design at the cat walk. Let's take a look..
Me wearing Dinatokio's design

Me wearing Noni zakiah's design ( LEFT ) , and Dian Pelangi's ( RIGHT )

sooooo ya, there was a great event, met many lovely people and took pictures! didn't we ? allrite, this is my 'real' outfit . the outfit that i wore to Sisterhood out of the stage. I felt like a' glowing in the dark' stickers  :p

with my super nice friend, kak Muthia :) she's a model too

with pretty girls kak Uul, kak Hana, and kak Muthia

 well well well here we are! WE ARE BLOGGERSSSSS!!!!
with Jezmine Zaidan, Ami Schaheera, and Shea Rasol from malaysia
It was really exhausting but fun! see ya again everybody, next time InsyaAllah :3. Love, your Nada :)

OOTD ( today's college outfit )

in the mood of making a videyaw. sorry for those clothes heaven behind me yo. goodnight !

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pumped Up kicks

Zara man shirt

Actually I decided to make a video about 'how do I do my skincare routine ' today, because I recieved so many Questions about that, but... FAIL! I didnt have enough time cause I had to go, I do apologize, sorry about that :'( , Next time insyaAllah :') . 
just played with some new make up stuffs at home which i bought today, yaay whatta great day :)

Green Lantern

@Kyuza_ blazer and skirt , Mango bag

Friday, July 6, 2012

Under the Sun

up and down feelings , hope everything's gonna be alright .

Btw I recieved positive comments about my fashion-brand project which I'm doin' right now. I am so excited hearing you girls are excited too! it means the world for me, can't wait to launch it as soon as possible :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Noni Zakiah Pants, New Look Top, Mango bag
Goodbye blue jeans. this Pants designed by Noni Zakiah, available at 'MUSE 1O1, jakarta' , 'Moshaict, Jakarta' , '@ardelle_markett' follow her twitter for more updates @noniizakiah :) I gotta back to my German book, gonna have a test in college tumoro ( again and again ) sayonara :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Noni Zakiah dress, @caneronbag bag , Mango belt, Stradivarius cardigan, H&M scarf, up2date inner scarf, Fendi
 an easy going daily dress by noni zakiah. love the soft brown color. Totaly comfortable to wear :) this noni zakiah dress is available at 'moshaict, Jakarta' , 'MUSE 101 FX, jakarta' and @ardelle_markett . follow her twitter for more informations, and updates @noniizakiah 

btw I do love this lipstik color :§ sssuuppperrrr pinkk! :p