Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am seventeen going on ...

next month, on 18th june welcome 18 age  goodbye 17 age...
i won't wish any gifts. i won't wish any surprise. I'm wishing God give all the best for me, for people i love, and people who loves me ...
hemh, i only have 30 more days as a 17 years old girl..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

indonesian food festival

Saso 2011, last sunday in Berlin. Indonesian food festival, i found my sweerheart, Bakso there :3 and the other indonesian foods like sate, ketoprak, bubur ayam, empek empek, somay, etc nyemnyemm :-)


i am a monster

some IIHS and IIBS students in germany

ahlinya teh



whatta fun day! bytheway today is our (my boyf and i) 16 months annvrsry, soooo...  hppyannvrsry :3

Thursday, May 5, 2011


pinkie cardigan, mango bag, zara shirt, zara shoes, fendi sun-glasses

Bytheway my boyf and I had uploaded our 2nd video cover in my youtube channel ( indahnadapuspita93 ) . This time we play " King of Anything - Sara Bareilles " cover. oh i do love Sara Bareilles' songs :) our 1st video cover was " Hollywood - Marina and the diamonds " but i didn't upload it in youtube or blog. i just uploaded it in my Facebook. click Here for the "Hollywood - Marina and the diamonds ( cover ) ".

and... this is our King of anything - Sara Bareilles (cover ) ... hope you enjoy it sorry for mistakes ...

 click here for better quality . see you cupcakes :)