Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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Hi, pretty souls! Happy thursday,  what's your plan for today ? I hope everything goes well. Back to Medan from Lake Toba. I had amazing time there, and will share photos when I was there plus the so many travelling photos I had this year in another post, inshaaAllah. So, for now here is an outfit I was wearing yesteday.

I've told ya, I love to add a lil sweet touch and cuteness to my look. and sometimes it is upredictable. to be honest I did this since I was junior high school, maybe even before that. I used to use my doll as my school bag's keychain. The doll was even bigger than my hand. haha I think it's cute. I used to decorate my shoes using duck tape, sew them with so many colourful buttons, I paint my own shoes, soo many unusual thing I did to colour my look but in a good way. Probably that is the art , ideas, and design passion inside me that I could not hold. but what funny is, those unsual thing I did to my look, was always be a trend in school. which is cool! people like it and inspired :)

Dolls, dolls, dolls, I am crazy about dolls. not that big puffy teddy bear dolls. I mean, I like 'em too! but what I am talking here is more about pretty dolls, like porcelain dolls, and stuffs. I love something magical, that is why I love princesses, I love musical musics, I love flare skirts, I love colours, dolls,  flowers, they are all magical to me. I love em. I am weak. and in this post, for my love of dolls, I made one became my necklace. zupa cute!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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Hi, everyone! nice to be able to catch you up here again through my blog! how do you do ? hope everything's fine. It's been like about 2 months since my last post. Apologize! So many awesome things happened. finally now I spare a little time to sit and chill in front of my laptop, editting photos , try to write and talk to you..

I am in Indonesia at the moment since 17th August until , spending my short semester break in my homeland. and fly here and there. for work, vacation, and do stuffs, working on things related to art, and many upcoming plans that I am so excited about. and today I am at my mom and dad's house, in Medan. how nice, I'm home with the family, world! haha.  time to chill a bit. if you follow me on my instagram, you probably have noticed that I did travel a lot this year, yes I did, and it's amazing.

stay tune, for more of my trip's photos and upcoming updates! keep the positive vibes, and keep spreading love through art! catch you up again really soon , smooch

here is a pretty little sunflower to brighten up you day :)


Blazer : Moshaict Hijab Store
Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store

Friday, July 11, 2014




Peplum Top : Moshaict Hijab Store
Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store

Hi, everyone! How was your Ramadan so far? Hope everything goes well :)
These Outfit photos were taken few days before Ramadan. Went a bit different with purple lipstick, cause why not ? I like this purple lipstick on me anyways. So, do not be afraid to try something new, cause you never know :) The combination of purple and black looks mysterious , don't you think ? but the polkadot ribbon on my hat and the lace on my Moshaict Hijab Store peplum top gives a lil sweet touch. Oh bytheway, I love love love a pointed shoes, or heels, or sandals. They are my fav! 

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Peplum Top : Moshaict Hijab Store
Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store