Friday, July 11, 2014




Peplum Top : Moshaict Hijab Store
Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store

Hi, everyone! How was your Ramadan so far? Hope everything goes well :)
These Outfit photos were taken few days before Ramadan. Went a bit different with purple lipstick, cause why not ? I like this purple lipstick on me anyways. So, do not be afraid to try something new, cause you never know :) The combination of purple and black looks mysterious , don't you think ? but the polkadot ribbon on my hat and the lace on my Moshaict Hijab Store peplum top gives a lil sweet touch. Oh bytheway, I love love love a pointed shoes, or heels, or sandals. They are my fav! 

_MG_9821 copy

Peplum Top : Moshaict Hijab Store
Pants : Moshaict Hijab Store

Friday, July 4, 2014



Batwing Outer : Moshaict Hijab Store

Giving all my beautiful readers the warmest Hi :)
I hope you all are doing fine. Ramadan Mubarak dearests! I've just realized that I haven't said it on my blog officially. so, I hope we are all can enjoy this Ramadan, and do our best. Let's forgive each other, and spread love more :) have a wonderful Ramadan!
It's been more than a week since my last post. The Internet connection in my appartment wasn't really good these days. I hate it. and I was feelin' unwell for a couple of days. Thank God now everything is fine ( except the internet connection, it is still annoying ). But here I am trying to update you with some outfits through my fashion wonderland, Fashion in headscarves. I hope you're excited as I am :)

This is how I rock my batwing outer, I got from Moshaict Hijab Store, in nude colour. I kept it simple and calm. This look is sweet but somehow the pants and the snake skin clutch, and the bright lipstick colour give a lil edgyness to the look. I loveee flower crown, I mean c'mon! This is the time! It's summer! when going a bit crazy on acessories is permitted hihi. Tell me where you will steal this look for ? ( but without the flower crown maybe(?) haha it's just for a lil fun )





Batwing Outer : Moshaict Hijab Store

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


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Batwing Outer : Moshaict Hijab Store
Neckscarf : Moshaict Hijab Store

Hi blogwalkers, hope you are all doing fine.
Ramadhan is about to come! Who's excited ? Meee! That would be my very first Ramdhan in europe, whoop whoop, Bismillah :) just another post between my daily life activity, sharing a daily look idea wearing my Batwing Outer, I got from Moshaict Hijab Store. That was a chilly day in summer, and so I needed more layers to keep me warm. look at those colours, them ripped jeans, and boots! Somehow this look looks like a country style to me but in daily-wearable- and modest way. Don't you think ? I just need a cowboy hat, a guitar, a horse, or a gun lol just kidding :) Anyways the printed neckscarf I was wearing is also from Moshaict Hijab Store. It is actually a square scarf, instead of wearing it as a headscarf I styled it as the neckscarf to get more the country touch and warmth.

_MG_9640 copy

Batwing Outer : Moshaict Hijab Store
Neckscarf : Moshaict Hijab S